5 day LIVE challenge to increase sponsorships

"This proven system has generated record numbers of Leads and Massive recruiting breakthroughs over the past 36 months"

The biggest problem Network Markters FACE is not the actual invite or close. It's the marketing. Join this 5-Day live Challenge now and learn how to recruit more people faster with your lives.
5 day challenge
The Live Strategy to Recruit MORE people Faster
I have done over 400 Lives.  Let me SAVE you years of trial and error.  

Learn how to market yourself in an authentic way.  
Learn how to get more leads and increase your recruiting.  
Learn how to DUPLICATE FASTER and get the newest person launched properly with Facebook Lives.
the myths of lives
MYTH # 1
It is overwhelming and too complicated
I didn’t do VIDEOS  for years when I started Network Marketing because I had no idea where to even begin. Lives can be overwhelming if you don’t learn how to properly use it. 

The key is to know where to start and go step by step. A mountain is never easy to climb but it is so much easier if you know the exact path. I will give you that path.   

Let me SAVE you years of trial and error.     
MYTH # 2
It is a time waster that never turns into actually making money
Most people do waste time on Facebook and haven’t learned how to make money with it. I have built teams in over 40 countries. I have built both online and offline. 

I have learned the exact strategies to use to help you to never run out of contacts. I can teach you how to create credibility in an authentic way (no over the top hype). It won’t happen overnight, but my strategies do work. I will make sure you have a purpose on Facebook and don’t waste time.
MYTH # 3
Only celebrities attract thousands of followers  
Of course celebrities do but so can you. Even after having success in Network Marketing I was awful on Lives for over a year. 

Once I learned a few KEY strategies it wasn’t easy but my engagement went up every month, until eventually, it skyrocketed. 

I have helped so many create large followings and always do so in non gimmick ways. YOU want loyal followers. 

It has been said that if you create 1000 loyal followers you will make millions of dollars. Your goal may or may not be a million dollars but whatever your goal is the principle is the same. Create a loyal following and you will increase your revenue.
MYTH # 4
You need to do Daily Lives times to be successful 
This is so wrong!!! Social media has changed and most so called experts are behind the times. I will teach what types of Lives work as well as how often I recommend doing them. 

I will also teach you how to get maximum engagement. 

Let me SAVE you years of trial and error. 
MYTH # 5
It is expensive. I have to spend a ton of money
I didn’t spend money on social media until I had over 8000 followers on my personal profile. 

There is no need to spend money on social media until you first have an audience. Once you have an audience then you will have a brand that you can parlay into a business page. 
MYTH # 6
I will have to be FAKE to all of the sudden become an expert 
This may or may not be one of your concerns. It was one of mine. 

You can’t all of the sudden be the expert or you and your audience will feel uncomfortable. I will teach you how to ease into it and be an authority but also yourself. 

I will teach you the balance on what types of posts you should make balancing business and life.

Let me SAVE you years of trial and error. 
4 tips on How to Transition Likes and Comments into $$$$$ 
  Tips #3 and #4 are KEY  
Here is a Live that I did on social media.

If you like this Live you will love the course because I only give about 10% of my insights on Lives. I give you visual examples and go much more in depth in my course!
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Jen Johnson
Rob Sperry is one of the top trainers in all of Network Marketing and especially when it comes to social media. He can show you how to build your business the right way mixing in old school timeless principles with modern day social media techniques. His insights on how to maximize Facebook Lives, Facebook Messenger and Facebook in general will teach you how to prospect, create duplication and massive momentum.
John and Nadya Melton, 7 figure earners and social media experts
When it comes to learning how to build a business on social media, Rob is one of the BEST when it comes to teaching it. I'm grateful to call him a personal friend and mentor. His experience, servant heart and willingness to over-deliver shows in his new course The Social Media Playbook for Network Marketers.

Technology and social media are constantly changing and Rob is always providing not only the most up to date strategies to help you but also keeps them simple for you to understand and implement. I highly encourage you picking up The Social Media Playbook for Network Marketers if you want to take your business to the next level and have the edge on social media.
Brian Fryer. one the leading social media gurus in all of Network Marketing
(Total Value: $839)
my top 12 live headlines to 10x your engagment.  create more leads and convert those into profits ($199 Value)
I know when I started posting on social media I always ran out of things to say. I wanted to post everyday but I didn't want to make dumb posts that were about what I ate for breakfast everyday. I will not only teach you how to create an unlimited amount of content but will teach you how to create great content.

I will also teach you:
  • ​When you should post...
  •  How often you should post...
how to duplicate faster through  lives with the newest person ($147 Value)
First Impressions on Social Media can make the difference between someone accepting your friend request or deleting it. First impressions are like your modern day resume on social media. It sounds simple but it is an art. I will give you exact examples of both good and bad first impressions.
  • ​I cover the look and feel of your Facebook Profile as well as the 5 featured photos...
  • ​How to convey your brand...
  • ​What should you do with posts that get no engagement?
  • ​What do you list in the about section?
social proof.  I will give you a guaranteed instant boost on your  lives:  ($99 Value)
Learn how I grew my Business Page by 30k followers within a few months. Yes I did it with real followers and I also did for 0.01 a like which absolutely unheard of! Before I learned these tips from Randy I watched 15 YouTube videos learning how to gain followers for less than $0.10. I never achieved less than $0.80 until Randy showed me his method.

I will also give you a little known trick for creating 5k instant followers on your business page.
Identify your brand and give you clarity on lives  (A $149 Value)
Angel Fletcher is a 7 figure earner. She doesn’t do in home meetings. She builds her entire business through social media with a strong emphasis on Groups. She will teach which Groups to join and why. She will teach you how to have unlimited amount of contacts from these new Groups. She will teach you what to do in these Groups. She will also cover what she does inside her own Groups. She will give you her game plan for adding new customers and distributors. Angel will give you her insight on how she separates even her distributor Groups which has taken her business to the next level!
I will teach you the little known  live loop hack (A $47 Value)
Social Media is cluttered! It can become a black hole of wasting time.  

I will give you all of my secret sauce tips (yes I said secret sauce..lol) on how I uncluttered Facebook to help me make more money.
  • ​Maximize time with new prospects...
  • ​Maximize time following the right leaders...
  • ​My strategies behind unfollowing, who to see first and who to have as close friends...
live content that attracts leads and increases your following ($99 Value)
I go through my exact game plan on...
  • ​Who to friend...
  • ​How many people you should friend each day...
  • ​Where to find new friends...
  • ​When and why you should do a Social Media Cleanse
live mindset ($99 Value)
I will help you overcome your fears, give you tips on how to practice lives, increase engagement and views. This training has helped beginners all the way to million dollar earners have more success.

This isn’t some quick fix training. I spend over an hour giving you all of the tips that the very best use. Don’t worry I simplify it for you and give you a cheat sheet to help you.
The 7 Deadly Sins! Things that HURT the Algorithm! Updates and WHAT I have done to have my engagement go up each Algorithm Change...
Here is another Live that I did.  I will teach you how I embraced the SUCK and save years of headache!

It was awful lighting! Lol. Again this spur of the moment trainings with no ppt or visuals. My course will structure everything in order. It will give you a step by step process for success on social media.
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The Social Media recruiting course has been so valuable!
Each course is well layed out. It is great that you have brought in other experts in Social Media arena so they can share their Niches to Riches strategies. 

All the guest speaker/people have been so humble and passionate about wanting to help this community which is just fantastic. Top of the line course. Very much appreciated. 
Deb Arth (Darth)
Current, practical, understandable, and ACTIONABLE - these are the words I would use to describe Rob's Social Media Training. I have been following Rob for about a year now, and although I love Eric Worre for the foundational knowledge he provides, I love Rob Sperry even more because he takes those core skills and turns them into meaningful actions that you can do every day to keep the progress and momentum coming your way.
The value that I get from this course (it just seems to keep on giving with new modules and updates!) is HUGE and worth every dime. And it has not only brought value for me, it has brought huge value to my team by teaching me how to teach them right! After every module I hear you say (whether you say or not), I know you know this and apply it in your business, but do your team members apply it in theirs?? They are now Rob!
Jeff Browne
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